Valley Harvest Church

Valley Harvest Church

Established March 17, 2002

​Reverend Robert A. Morris, Founding Senior Pastor

557 W. 26th Street

Merced, CA 95340


Robert A. Morris, D.D., Sr. Pastor                                                                                  Gloria J. Morris D.C.C., First Lady

                                                                  Founders & Charter Members

Valley Harvest Church was launched into the Merced church community on March 17, 2002. We just celebrated our 20th church anniversary.

To God be the Glory!!!

Valley Harvest is frequently attended on Sunday mornings by a congregation of adults, youth and children. Over the years it has welcomed more than 100 families into its membership and congregation as Founding Charter Members.

The vision for Valley Harvest Church is for the committed to increase in their faith-based knowledge and living, based on Biblical precepts of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you earnestly desire to increase your faith in the word of God, possess a servant's heart, a willing spirit...and a thirst for God's truth...

Valley Harvest Church

invites you to visit with us, join us in church membership, and become actively involved in providing solution to address the unmet needs in our community.

The work of ministry in the community of Merced and throughout the local valley is vast. There are many lost souls and many with needs. Valley Harvest Church is seeking laborers in the vineyard to come join us in the work of saving souls and expanding God's Kingdom here in the valley.

​Foundational Scriptures: The Book of Titus, Chapters 1, 2, & 3 and Ezekiel 36:25-27